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Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Hassle-free and affordable company formation solutions for new businesses in Dubai Mainland

It is a well-known fact that the city offers a very progressive ground for company formation in Dubai Mainland and a business to be registered as a Dubai Mainland Company means having the liberty to trade anywhere in Dubai, or the UAE and internationally as well. However, setting up a serious business in Mainland comes with a whole set of legal requirements. Rawksons majors in all legal aspects of mainland company formation in Dubai and affords a team that handles all necessary documentation and assists you efficiently to acquire all permissions needed to sail a smooth business in Dubai. Our comprehensive support system includes helping you get a local sponsor, company registration, UAE trade licenses, government approvals, and Corporate PRO Services; all of this at exceptionally competitive prices coupled with expert guidance from industry veterans who have been around to understand the pros and cons of every business set up.

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A Mainland Company is an onshore company licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirate in which one chooses to establish the company or business setup. Our team assists you with their knowledge and experience of the jurisdiction and other operations that make your company formation in Dubai Mainland easy, hassle free and quick, resulting in opening the gateway of newer opportunities much faster than otherwise.

A Mainland Company may exercise any industrial, commercial, trading, professional or tourism activity. Some professional activities are excluded as per DED's business regulations and certain actions call for approvals of authorities that regulate these activities. A Mainland Company must have one manager or up to five managers to handle the business depending upon the magnitude of the business and the company.


ADDED is aimed at driving productivity and growth across industries to foster Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.The department leads Economic ingenuities based on intrinsic research and statistics from local, regional and international pointers.

The Department is strategically equipped to stimulate best economic and administrative practices through employing quality human resources, instilling the latest technology and creating a robust ecosystem with regional and international conglomerates based on transparency, innovation and know-how. ADDED is known for its business-friendly culture and is the hub for aspiring business communities and professional with a vision to create milestones.


The Economic Department", Sharjah, is the first economic department to be established locally in the history of UAE. This Department was founded with the sole mission of governing the local authority for the application of federal laws related to economic affairs, and the application for local decrees and orders related to the economy of the Emirate. The Department was recognized for the following sections: Commercial Registration Section Companies Section Planning, Research and Statistics Section The functions of the department revolve around research and implementation to manifest the best economic and technologically advanced foliage suitable to investment and business growth.


The affluence of Ajman’s well shaped and smart economy began with the inception of the Department of Economic Development (DED), a division of the Municipality and Planning Department, until it was re-established as an independent local entity in 2011. The DED – Ajman’s key feature involves framing universal economic policies, including ‘green’ economy programs, forming sustainable economic development, and systemising the emirate’s economic affairs and initiation of the local business sector.

The department incorporates integrated strategies and regulations and shapes well rounded plans to ensure maximum utilisations of the emirate’s resources. The department is focussed on providing a commercial protection system and encourage auspicious opportunities to attain highest levels of local, regional, and international economic competitiveness and management.

Mainland Business Setup Dubai

Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai Mainland:

  • No minimum capital requirement
  • Flexible business opportunity across all emirates as well as outside of UAE
  • Legal business contracts with government entities made easier
  • Effortless product approvals
  • Vast Investment opportunities
  • Permitted to rent/own a physical office
  • Ease of availing bank facilities like loans
  • Increase your employee strength with options for unlimited visa availability without depending on office size.
  • 100% Tax-Free Income
  • 100% foreign ownership – depending on business activity

Types of Business Licenses in Dubai Mainland Companies

A trade license is obligatory when it comes to conducting business in Dubai and the UAE. The Economic Department issues different licenses for various business and professional activities. The three major types of business licenses in Dubai and the UAE are commercial, industrial and professional but we can not forget also tourism license as well. There are some business practices that need specific licenses by the government.

Along with licenses approval from relevant authorities one might also need a prerequisite to conduct many commercial activities in the UAE.

For example:

  • For doing business in the insurance industry, an approval from the Insurance Authority is a must.
  • The healthcare industry businesses need an approval from the Ministry of Health.
  • The hotel sectors require approvals from the tourism authority.

The types of licenses needed to conduct business in Dubai and the UAE are:


Commercial licenses are granted to businesses that are involved in any sort of commercial trade activity related to goods, commodities and services. Some of the activities that come under commercial activity are logistics, car rental and real estate brokerage. The tertiary maximum of business activities in Dubai along with the main activity should be restricted to 10 activities per license.


Industrial licenses are required for starting industrial or manufacturing activity in Dubai and the UAE. With the industrial license, businessmen can assemble and process goods using raw materials that are purchased locally or imported. One needs to obtain an industrial license for the manufacturing of;

  • Food Processing
  • Textile
  • Metals
  • Equipment and engines
  • Petroleum products
  • Paper



Professional licenses give consent to individuals and companies to engage in a profession that they are talented in based on their educational qualification. Activities that come under this license are artistry, carpentry, consultancy services, printing and publishing, medical services, beauty salons, computer graphic design service, repair services, security services, and document clearing etc. With a professional license, foreign investors can hold 100% ownership of their business, however company formation in Dubai Mainland and the UAE it is still required to appoint a UAE national as local agent ( Sponsor) of the company.


Tourism activities such as tour Operator, Hotel management, hotel renting, tourist camps, cruise boat rental, guest houses, travel agencies etc require a tourism license.

Types of Business Setups in Dubai Mainland and UAE.

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A sole proprietary business is suitable for independent individuals who want to integrate themselves. Forming a sole establishment company in UAE gives you the freedom of registering your business under your name. As its name, a sole establishment business is registered only under a single individual called a sole proprietor who fully controls all the company’s activities.

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland


A general Partnership Firm is a business with a legal structure where two individuals or more than two partners can agree to form professional services and consultancy business and are willing to extend their assets as per the company’s obligations. Some of the professional activities to include in a partnership firm are medical clinics, legal consultancy, management consultancy, HR Consultancy, IT Consultancy, training, and other similar activities.

Dubai LLC formation cost

LLC (Limited Liability Company) Company Setup in Dubai

Limited Liability Company or LLC Company is the most popular type of business in Dubai. An LLC Company formation requires a minimum of 2 individuals and a maximum of cannot exceed 50 shareholders where their liability is limited to everyone’s shares.

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Company formation of a foreign business entity in UAE consists of opening a branch of an existing foreign company by following the UAE commercial law. A foreign company is required to form a branch or an office that represents the parent company which allows a branch to get registered with 100% foreign ownership of the parent company.